Workshop on Community-based IoT

On Wednesday 1st of February, as part of the Connected Seeds project, we organised a workshop on Community-based Internet of Things and sustainable smart cities in east London. The workshop brought together researchers from diverse fields including computer science, informatics, anthropology, business IT, urban planning, new media, and Living Labs. Keynote speaker was Mara Balestrini, who presented a Contributive Approach to designing Community-based Internet of Things in the context of sustainable smart cities. The workshop was organised by Chris Speed (University of Edinburgh) and Sara Heitlinger (Queen Mary University of London).

It was great to have such a good turnout, at such short notice, talking about a variety of perspectives and case studies.

After the workshop we walked over to Spitalfields City Farm for the Connected Seeds book launch, and relaxed with live music, fire and herbal cocktails!